Is There a Better Individual Season of Doctor Who Than Tom Baker’s Debut?


Nope, there isn’t. Tom will always be my Doctor.

And Leela was hot.

Leela was very hot.





Blade Paved The Way For The Marvel Blockbusters Of The New Millennium


And yet New Line, after making a bunch of money with Friday, had seen commercial potential in a story about a black hero, and the screenwriter David S. Goyer, who’d gotten his start writing stuff like Death Warrant and Demonic Toys, and who would later become the architect of DC’s cinematic universe, had some ideas for the character. It’s a miracle that a Blade movie ever got made in the first place, and it’s even more of a miracle that it ended up being any good. But it was extremely fucking good. 

Good to see credit being given where credit is due.

And, yeah, Blade was extremely fucking good.