How Does Luke Cage Feel?

Okay, I have to ask.

This is Luke Cage and Claire Temple having sexy times from Season 2 of Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix.


Luke weighs somewhere north of 400 pounds.  How are they doing this without Luke crushing Claire to death?

And how does Luke get any pleasure from this? How does a man with steel-hard skin that stops bullets have the sensitivity to … well, you know…finish?

I’ve found myself wondering what Luke can and can’t feel through that impenetrable skin of his. There’s no consistency for this throughout the series. How does he not feel a crow bar bouncing off his head, but does feel the light touch of the ridiculously gorgeous Rosario Dawson? If he can’t feel the bad stuff, how does he feel the good stuff? Maybe Netflix should explore how his lack of tactile sensation isolates him from humanity, making him forever alone.




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