Episode 11 of GenXorcist is Now Available


But Mr. Shy isn’t thrilled about it.

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How Does Luke Cage Feel?

Okay, I have to ask.

This is Luke Cage and Claire Temple having sexy times from Season 2 of Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix.


Luke weighs somewhere north of 400 pounds.  How are they doing this without Luke crushing Claire to death?

And how does Luke get any pleasure from this? How does a man with steel-hard skin that stops bullets have the sensitivity to … well, you know…finish?

I’ve found myself wondering what Luke can and can’t feel through that impenetrable skin of his. There’s no consistency for this throughout the series. How does he not feel a crow bar bouncing off his head, but does feel the light touch of the ridiculously gorgeous Rosario Dawson? If he can’t feel the bad stuff, how does he feel the good stuff? Maybe Netflix should explore how his lack of tactile sensation isolates him from humanity, making him forever alone.



Rob Liefeld’s PROPHET Optioned for Live-Action Film


What? Why? Is Hollywood that desperate for comic properties to adapt? If so, here are some suggestions:

Valiant Comics has a ton of high quality characters that deserve a movie, like X-O Manowar, Archer & Armstrong and Quantum & Woody (a couple of those may actually be in development already).

'Pirates of the Caribbean' writer Terry Rossio is also on board for the adaptation of the comic book.

Marvel still has some great heroes that need a big screen appearance like Moon Knight, Shang Chi, Doctor Voodoo or Nova.

DC can remake Batman at least 47 more times.

Snyder leaves Batman!

Image itself has better stuff to adapt than freakin’ Prophet, like Supreme, Danger Girl or even the Maxx (directed by either Tim Burton or Guillermo del Toro, of course).

But Prophet? Very odd choice.

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Ant-Man and the Wasp’s Laurence Fishburne would like to “suit up” as Goliath


Seriously? Damn, I’d love to see that. I’ve always felt Goliath was one of Marvel greatest underappreciated heroes. A Black man who wasn’t a reformed criminal or street hustler, but a scientist. Trust me, back in the 70s/80s, this was a big deal. He also just looked very cool.

Then, of course, Marvel killed him during Civil War. I’m still not over it. Fuck you for that one, Marvel. Fuck you hard.


Bill Foster’s nephew  has taken over the mantle of Goliath, but Marvel’s doing absolutely jack and shit with him. Thanks for that, too, Marvel.

Image result for marvel goliath tom foster

If Fishburne does suit up, obviously it wan’t be in spandex. It’ll most likely be in some kind of armored suit that will have a blue and white motif to call back to Goliath’s costume.

But just for a one scene I’d kill to see Fishburne in Black Goliath’s classic belly shirt and disco collar.

And “Black” Goliath? I know this was a trope back in the day, but Jesus Christ, Marvel.

Ant-Man and the Wasp’s Laurence Fishburne would like to “suit up” as Goliath

And The Countdown To The Cancellation Of Marvel’s Champions Officially Begins


Since Bruce Banner is back as the Hulk and Tony Stark is the one true Iron Man once more, Amadeus Cho and Riri Williams both need new identities.

So what did Marvel do?

Make Cho look like a buff Brainiac 5 and make Williams look … just fucking awful. Did Matt Murdoch design that armor or what?

They look so terrible that I think they gave Nova cancer.

Poor Kid.

Marvel Preview: Champions #22